Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.
As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.
- Thoreau, Henry David
"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans "

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Leadership Academy - what the students think...
"I think the information given is useful because it gives people things to think about and it helps to open your mind up to things that you normally wouldn't. For me it has been useful because each time I've attended I've always left thinking about something new. I really like the message of not giving up."
"As an ex-student at SGM I can definitely say that Kiechelle has been instrumental in shaping who I am today.

She has been an amazing mentor in terms of leadership, following your passion and always taking the positives from all situations.
Her bright outlook on life is contagious and a breath of fresh air and something I appreciate more now that I work part time at SGM alongside my university degree.

One major thing I have learnt from Kiechelle is how to create opportunities for yourself where ever you work so that work is not a burden but something you look forward to every morning.

Kiechelle is truly exceptional, so glad to have her as a role model and mentor".

Zahra Akinpeju student SOAS University
"It is useful and very helpful because it touches your heart and inner part of your body, physically and spiritually. It is because of the Leadership Academy I am running for student president!"
"It has improved my perspective on life and increased my self-esteem and I have gained a much better understanding on how to tackle life's problems"
"It has helped me to see life differently, the information helps me to think and keep motivated instead of thinking I can't do something, I go away with the information I have been given and act on it. I have learnt that the decisions we make in life determines our outcomes"
"The Leadership Academy teaches us to strive for our goals and the hardships we face can be overcome, even our aspiration and goals are reachable with the effort and dedication"
"The Leadership Academy exposes you to new ideas and techniques that you may not have otherwise come across. It's these new ideas that helps us, especially in tough times, to become a better person and lead others and of course ourselves to greatness"
Personal clients comments
"..the content was packed with information and
skills. Kiechelle is an excellent coach much in advance
of her years in the field."

E. Ferguson/London
"..what I achieved was a greater understanding of myself being able to focus on my future and having the
ability to influence it."

L. Browne London
"..you have an excellence sense of reasoning, judgement, love and compassion for your fellow human beings... and I believe you have a mission."

Dan Mohammed Canada
"..Kiechelle is a gifted individual who has knowledge and perception to help others; she instinctively knows what you need and teaches you how to achieve it. This was exactly what I needed!"

Tavrina Gayadeen Ireland
"..I recently attended a seminar led by Kiechelle Degale, the
course material was easy to follow yet very powerful and
inspiring. I gained a deeper understanding of myself and I
would certainly recommend this course to anyone interested
in true empowerment."

Prea Ali London
i lead finished

KiE Leadership Training And Development

"..Kiechelle has personally coached my singers and given
them valuable tools to not only improve their 'public performance' but to enhance their confidence on a daily

KMA Productions London
KiEchelle's Journey
"I had the great pleasure of working with Kiechelle for five years when I was the Principal at Sir George Monoux College. During this time I watched as Kiechelle developed and enhanced our very student focussed enrichment programme culminating in the launch of the ambitious Student Leadership Academy.

Kiechelle is, without doubt, passionate about giving young people the life skills which they need to grow and develop as young citizens. She is a dedicated professional, who delivers to time and to budget, a really great learning experience for students of all types and ability. Kiechelle's enthusiasm for learning and soft skill development is infectious and all who meet her come away as better people because of it. Students freely acknowledge this themselves.
I would have no hesitation at all of recommending Kiechelle to you as a trainer, coach or mentor.

Act quickly however, she will soon get booked up as the word spreads!"

Kim Clifford
Cirencester College

"Kiechelle is an absolute star.

She inspires and builds confidence.
She has done so at this college for several years by being herself: a real force of nature.

She invented and developed a programme against all odds out of her own creativity but then her life has been against all odds: she is a wonderful role model for our students and our staff.

She is a firm believer in the power we have within ourselves to change our lives and shape our future.

She re-dressed the balance for students who were so focussed on academic achievement alone to the detriment of soft skills so crucial in getting on in life, jobs and universities alike.

I strongly recommend Kiechelle as a person who can inspire our future leaders."

Paolo Ramella
Sir George Monoux College

"Poised at the height of every mountain you will find her. Kiechelle brings passion, energy, power, belief and vitality to any person ready to take the journey to the top! Kiechelle brings out the extraordinary from the ordinary. With over two decades of leadership experience and a rich understanding of diverse backgrounds, she is uniquely skilled to transform your outlook to life and help release your greatest potential yet!"

K Shaid Director Of Marketing and External Relations.