"Poised at the height of every mountain you will find her. Kiechelle brings passion, energy, power, belief and vitality to any person ready to take the journey to the top! Kiechelle brings out the extraordinary from the ordinary. With over two decades of leadership experience and a rich understanding of diverse backgrounds, she is uniquely skilled to transform your outlook to life and help release your greatest potential yet!" K Shaid Director Of Marketing and External Relations.

The KiE Method
Globally Recognised

KiE Leadership Training And Development

For Local Authorities
Corporate Training
Motivational Talks
Conference Speaker
International Delivery
So you need a speaker for your event?

Someone who specialises in: Leadership skills/Motivational/confidence/self - esteem topics.
Someone who speaks with passion, energy and enthusiasm?
Someone who speaks from the heart and not only say
what they mean but mean what they say.

Consider your search over!
Leadership Training and Projects being developed in schools in the Caribbean , Gambia and Uganda.
Lead on a variety of topics on Leadership Development in a conference setting.

High Impact training designed and created for companies and corporations,
schools, colleges and charities.
A very flexible service that can fit most schedules and budgets.
Training manuals are provided for each event.
Corporate Training and Motivational Talks
Please get in touch to discuss your needs!
Audience can range from schools, colleges and
corporation's and charities.
For Motivational talks that's passionate, dynamic, energetic, and inspiring you can book Kiechelle for
your next event.
Talks are normally designed for one hour but this can be flexible.

Talks and trainings
range from a variety of topics
1. Goals -the fuel for motivation.
2. Self confidence - the foundation of excellence.
3. Being the best -how to stand out from the crowd.
4. Leaders are made - leadership development.
5. Assertiveness courses for women.
6. Employability training for young people and the unemployed.
Services provided for the Public and Private sectors, services for the Educational establishments.

Secondary Education, 6th Form, Tertiary, Further Education, Vocational Education,

Higher Education and Adult Education.
Workshops For Schools,
Colleges and all Educational establishments
1. Leadership development Training.
2. Nailing the interview! What you need to know and say in that interview.
3. Projects with Tutors or Curriculum departments.
4. After school Leadership clubs.
5. Staff Training [realising the potential of your staff, 2 to 3 hours training].
6. Training and developing a Leadership Academy in schools , Model provided and supported.
7. For Outstanding colleges only, learn how to supplement your income by running an in house Leadership conference. You only provide the space as all other aspects are taken care of.

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Community open Leadership courses for 14 to 19 year olds.
1 day assertive training for staff.
Leadership Hub development in businesses and training for managers on Leadership Models like Adair's, GROW, Tuckman's etc.
Women's only training
High Impact confidence training for women only groups, charities etc.
Confidence meets entertainment, a high energy evening of training for a small group of women in the comfort of your own home.
1 hour motivational talks designed for schools, colleges , charities and businesses on a variety of Leadership Topics.
KiEchelle's Journey